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Design Studio –

Design & Content Development

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Lqube’s, design studio focuses on understanding your learning context and develop customized learning solutions to cater to your specific needs. We integrate our well-researched comprehensive proprietary models and content with your developmental interventions. We Design- You Deliver..!!

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You do the knowledge transfer

We research

We design customized modules

You deliver!!

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Be it leadership development modules, first-time manager trainings, people management interventions, or behavioral and personality development needs, we have tailored solutions to all your development requirements.

Send us a quick enquiry to kalyani@hrfootprints.com and we will get back to you..!!

Our learning content is a mix of interactive learning with an underlying conceptual knowledge. The content build up includes:

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Role Plays


Classroom activities


Simulation Activities


Outbound Activites


Case Studies


Discussion Pointers

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This is an indicative list of our programs.

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Leadership Development Modules

Team Building and Development Modules

Personality Development Modules

People Management Interventions

First Time Managers Trainings

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