Your Back Office for All HR Knowledge Processes

HR Studio is the HR Services vertical of HR Footprints with a decade of expertise in adding value to our clients across industries in design and implementation of various HR and OD interventions.

We understand how hard-pressed senior leaders are, to cater to the various demands of their stakeholders. Important initiatives need to be designed & implemented but leaders get caught up with other business priorities and HR initiatives take a backseat due to lack of bandwidth. We at HR Studio are here to support leaders in this space. With our sharp understanding of businesses across industries, we quickly understand the business requirement of our clients and tailor-make solutions.

How does this work?

We will

  1. understand complete details of your requirement over a call/skype
  2. submit a business proposal with details of the scope of work, deliverables, commercials
  3. sign a confidentiality agreement and business agreement before execution
  4. provide you a progress report on the deliverables periodically
  5. submit you the first draft of the deliverables for your comments
  6. make final modifications and submit to you for implementation
  7. transfer the knowledge thru’ a call / skype to you for seamless implementation and / or offer on-site implementation support wherever necessary
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HR Studio Service Delivery Model

Based on the nature of the project, HR Studio will adopt a combination of off-shore and/or on-site activities

Off-shore: 50-100% of the project deliverables will be done backend (HR Studio’s Office)

On-site: 0-50% of the project deliverables will be done on-site (Client Site)

How Will It Benefit You?

We support you in improving productivity because we augment you as your back-end team

You can utilize our services on an assignment basis and you do not incur any permanent costs.

We bring in all the best practices and knowledge base that we built over the decade

We help you improve your execution quotient, because we design and you deliver!

If your organization wants professional help, in the HR Services, we are just a click away!

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