What derails people despite their talent?

In this article we will use an example to see how and what derails people despite their talent.

Rahul is extremely talented in his domain. He has the knack of driving marketing campaigns and he is very creative as well. He is very ambitious and restless to achieve bigger success. His pace of work is super fast and he prefers to be highly focused.

Despite all these qualities, his boss called him for a feedback session. The discussion was indeed quite stormy. His boss told him that he has serious concern of his silo approach to work. His habit of saying, “It is not my job” was also picked by his boss. His boss also mentioned that very few people in the team find it comfortable to work with Rahul!

Rahul was stunned with this feedback; initially he has furious and then he mellowed down to think what went wrong. Despite my drive to achieve, Knowledge of the markets, my hard work, why is it that I am getting this kind of feedback?

There are many like Rahul that we come across in corporate world who are very talented in their area; yet struggle to find their feet. A closer analysis reveals many factors, which some people call as ‘softer dimensions’, hamper a person’s ability to perform!

In our next blog, let us explore the different factors that talented people must keep in mind for a brighter career.

Article – “What derails people despite their talent?”
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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