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In our previous blogs we have discussed about the structure of HR function and the role of HRBP. Let us look at the specific opportunities for HRBP to add value in organization.

Specific Opportunities for HRBP to Add Value:

There are many areas of business, which can benefit from the expertise of HRBP. Some of the examples are given below.

Organizational Structuring: It may not happen frequently; but when it is required, HR professionals can come up with alternatives to structure the organization so as to facilitate smooth business functioning with specific accountabilities. A well-designed organizational structure can go a long way in facilitating business performance.

Manpower Planning: This is another area where HRBP can add tremendous value. It is not only about the head count and cost optimization but also the profile of people to suit the business needs. A poorly conceived or ill-executed manpower plan can directly impact the business performance.

Performance Management: In line with the business goals, an effective performance management system has to be put in place by the HRBP. The primary objective is to cascade the business plans to different departments within the business and then to each individual. A business-aligned goal setting process can significantly facilitate the drive for performance.

Career Management: A critical role for HRBP will be to mesh the succession planning for business and career planning for the individuals. By doing so, HRBP can balance the interests of the business and the aspirations of the employees.

Employee EngagementAnother important value addition from HRBP is in the area of engaging employees. Finding innovative ways to pep up the work place and create greater engagement with the organization will go a long way in sustaining performance and retention of talent.

Are you convinced that HR can be truly a business partner?


When you go over the role expectations of an HRBP, it does look interesting and rich in content.  There is certainly scope to add value and facilitate business performance. Even Professor Dave Ulrich formally captured ‘Business Partner’ as an important role of HR that focuses on futuristic needs of the business. 

However, same conviction is not seen consistently among those who play the role of HRBP.  I am not sure what could be the challenge; but it could be that there is role erosion because business people take over most of those people issues or the person who plays the HRBP could not measure up to it.

Any person aspiring to excel in HR Business Partner role needs to acquire specific competencies. Let us discuss them next week! 

Article – “What exactly is HR Business Partner?
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