Inspiring Life Lessons from Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela“Nelson Mandela is the leader who walked the talk and illustrated how one life can change the world!”

The icon of leadership, Nelson Mandela (Madiba) inspired the whole world with his vision to end apartheid in South Africa. His effort to bring a peaceful transition to a democratic society was uncompromising. Some inspiring life lessons that we can learn from Mandela’s life are:

  • Vision
  • Perseverance
  • Forgiveness 


Mandela had an un-compromising vision of a free, democratic and anti apartheid South Africa! When he raised his voice against the system of racism, he along with several of his colleagues was sentenced to life time imprisonment!

Nelson in jailWhen Mandela was sent to jail, his vision to end apartheid was an unconquerable goal! But still he envisioned it! The power of his vision to get a free and democratic South Africa gave him the strength to fight! He became president of ANC (African National Congress) and after four years of negotiations with then South African President, F.W.De Klerk he could accomplish his vision of abolishing apartheid in his Nation!


Mandela’s central goal was that South Africa will be ruled by South Africans! That was the cause of his life and he achieved it. In early 1960s Mandela led the ANC on the road of armed insurrection against the apartheid regime in South Africa. When all means of peaceful negotiations exhausted, Mandela went underground to lead the struggle. In 1962, Mandela was captured by the government and was sentenced to hard labour at Robben Island in South Africa. He was released from prison in 1990 at the age of 71. Government tried to bend him by restricting his moments and actions. But he refused to bend. His courage and perseverance never allowed him to stop the revolution!


He walked his whole life not for self but for freedom of his nation. It is not that Mandela is a
man of perfection. Young Mandela was a head strong and arrogant person. But he transformed himself when his nation needed him the most. He transformed himself to be a measured, compressed and strong person who understood not only other people but also understood himself.

Nelson forgives

Mandela understood that he could never show his bitterness and what he needed to show was the face of forgiveness. He forgave all jailers who made him struggle and the system who made him a stranger in his own country. He wanted to always make sure that he is depicted as a man of flesh and blood and a man who had weaknesses and flaws! 

With his wisdom and courage, Mandela made South Africa a prosperous nation of equality and a model for other nations!


Divya Shalini, Member at HR Footprints. 

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