Is your work tiring you?

Are you stressed at work? Is your work tiring you? Best way to deal with work related stress or fatigue is to understand what is causing the stress or strain in the first place. Some of the often found reasons that I could think of are:
When we are overworked or physically strained: This reason is very reasonable and is understandable. There could be occasions when we go through sudden spurts of work load or intense travel. The remedy is fairly simple: a good night rest, healthy food and some relaxation.
When we are bored: when we continue to perform a job or role that we don’t enjoy, it tires us! We are either not convinced about what we are doing or we experience a sense of monotony without any stimuli. In such occasions, we experience a different type of stress. Solution to this may not be easy. We need to think a little out of the box and self motivate; alternatively, we may have to dialogue with seniors or stakeholders and express or discuss. Carrying on with the work without conviction can be perpetually tiring!
When we are not successful: Think of all those occasions where we experienced success (though it involved a lot of hard work); it would not be tiring. Whenever success eludes us, work starts tiring us. A few quick wins and a sense of hope is what could help us in such situations.
When we are not appreciated: Whenever our work is acknowledged or appreciated by our stakeholders, it can keep us going. If there is a feeling that we are performing a thankless job, then we experience fatigue. It needs a high degree of internal motivation to reenergize. Figure out why you are doing what you are doing. If you could spot a good reason, then that could provide the necessary stimulation.
When we postpone and thereby carry sense of guilt: This is a very common reason, but seldom understood reason for stress. Piling up work due to procrastination and ‘thinking’ of work all the time, but not ‘completing’ the work can cause mental stress. It feels as if we are always at work. What can be done this evening, if we put off for tomorrow morning, we will end up thinking of it through the night. Simple formula to deal with such work stress is to finish the work!
When we are struggling to perform due to incompetence: This too is a reason that may be difficult to accept for an individual. We go through stress when we are struggling to perform due to incompetence. It can be frustrating inside and at the same cannot be openly discussed. We therefore end up carrying the internal stress. Best in this situation is to seek help and collaborate.
When we are experiencing stress at work, it is important to reflect and search for an answer inside. Several times, avoiding work or going on a holiday may not be the solution to become stress-free. It is ironical but real that more work can free us from work related stress – as long as we love or learn to love what we do!
Blog Author : Dr Raj

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