John – A troubled manager

Here is a case of John who manages a team of six members and reports to Shwetha, the head of IT department.

When you spend a few hours with john, you can make out that he is a terrific communicator in terms of vocabulary as well as direction. He also comes across as an elegant and confident professional who demonstrates etiquette. He may be around 35 years of age and brings with him work experience of about 13 years. His team consists of youngsters who are mostly at the early stages of career. One among the six members is of 30 years age and has about nine years of experience.

All the team members call him by his first name John and you can see informality in their interactions. One also gets to see some degree of bubbliness in the air which makes the workplace more of fun.

Shwetha, John’s boss is perhaps around 40 years of age and comes across as a serious manager though occasionally she does make an effort to join the gaiety of IT department. Her body language is mostly like “if you deliver the performance that I expect from, I don’t care for the rest”.

That allows Shwetha to offer work place flexibility in terms of office timings, travel eligibilities and salary fixations. The flexibility that Shwetha offers had become such a talk point in the organization that other departments started to envy the IT department.

From a distance, all is well for all except for john. When I mentioned the same to John, he shrugged it off and asked me if I had time to listen to his version of story.

What I heard after that opened up the pandora’s box. John is a troubled manager. His problem is essentially two-fold. One is from Shwetha and another one from his senior most team member.

In our coming blogs, we will discuss what problems John faced with both superior and team member and how he handled the problem.

Excerpts from the article – Negative remarks leads to mental disturbance!
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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