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In our previous blog (“Who owns your career” published on May 28th 2014), we came across Virendra, a senior professional with more than eighteen years of experience and Nidhi, a fresher who are worried about the future and visibility of their career. Their main concern is “what will others (the top management) to do their career?”. The question is why wait for others to take interest on our career? Instead, shape your own career and drive it.

To get rid of the passive approach and to take charge of your career, ask yourself some key questions:

self awareness

1.  What do I look for in my career?

2.  What are my medium and long term career goals?

3.  What do I need to learn to reach my goals?

4.  Who can help me in my learning?

5.  How do I build professional relationships?

6.  How can I build my resume – not merely write it?

shape your own career

Many people think that they know the answers to these questions already; but the truth is far from it. As a quick check, try writing down your thoughts on the above questions; you will realize how they make us think – not once, but several times! Do not expect to get the answers ‘right’ in the first instance; in fact, there is nothing like the right answer. It is a process of gaining clarity about your career.

Once you are clear about yourself, you can use this insight and initiate action. You will know what to ask. You will know how to make career decisions. For example, if Virendra is clear about the answers to these questions, he will know what to discuss with his boss, instead of getting frustrated that no one is caring for his career. Similarly, Nidhi can listen to the response from the interview panel on her role and future career growth and then decide if it is in sync with what she wants to do.

Career occupies more than sixty percent of our active life; we cannot leave it to fate or to others; take charge and shape your career!

Excerpts from the article – Who Owns Your Career
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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