5 Myths of Communication

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. It is never too late to work on one’s communication skills and by doing so, one may find how the quality of life can improve tremendously!

Just as we embark upon the journey of communication excellence, it is important that we do not fall into the traps by ignoring some of the common myths. Let us have a quick reminder of FIVE such myths.


Communication is a natural ability: 

Some people assume that communication is something that comes naturally; either you have it or you don’t; they may believe that training and learning cannot improve your communication ability.

Truth is that committed learning and structured training bring in significant improvement in your communication. One needs to invest in the process of development.


More we communicate the better:

Some speak a lot, demonstrate high energy, and talk loud with a belief that it can make their communication more effective.

Truth is that is not necessarily the loudness and length of your communication that matters; it is the conciseness, clarity, and conviction that adds to your communication effectiveness.


Once mastered, communication can be used everywhere:

By learning some impressive language skills, and building internal confidence some may believe that they can handle any situation or any person.

Truth is that apart from the language and confidence, one needs to be sensitive to the situation, emotions of the other person to communicate effectively. In other words, you need to tune in to the other person in a given context.


Great vocabulary is a must for great communication:

By using some complex vocabulary, some people think that they can impress people and emerge as great communicators.

Truth is that communicating is about improving the understanding between people and it is not about impressing people. Right words at the right place are good enough and there is no need to use complex vocabulary for effective communication.


Telling clearly and confidently is the secret of communication:

By presenting their own ideas confidently to others, many believe that they can achieve the purpose of communication.

Truth is that communication is as much about telling and speaking as it is about listening and encouraging others to speak. Unless you engage others in the communication process, you can never be an effective communicator.

To conclude, we believe that communication is a conscious and mindfulness process that is beyond just language and personality….there are other important ingredients to attain excellence in communication! One must not cut corners in the hurry of sending across a message!

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Kalyani Barma, 

Head, L&D, HR Footprints

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