A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed – a great lesson to learn

I would want to narrate a rather simple incident, which on the surface might not sound a deed of great goodness or importance, however, when I think back on it, is a very important lesson in friendship and goodwill. However, I have changed the names of the characters in this incident as this is a real incident and I do not wish to offend someone.


We were preparing for our final term project presentations and were almost suffocated with the work pressure. It was almost 3.30 in the morning when Akshay finished finalizing his presentation and started back to the hostel room. On way he went to meet his friend Amey in his room and was in for a big shock. Amey had not even started with the presentation and his team mate had also not helped him in any way. The previous morning he and his teammate had a big showdown as Amey’s partner did not at all contribute in the project work. This had also led to certain problems in their final report submission leading to great stress for Amey. Looking at the state, Amey had given up all the hopes of making the presentation next morning and was just in bit of dismay.

‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’

friend indeedHowever, Akshay at this moment took the onus to help Amey and started going through his report and preparing the presentation. He helped Amey with the entire presentation and the duo was up working till 07:00 in the morning. None the less the presentation seemed to be in good shape, and Amey had an excellent presentation, despite the problems with his group mate. Now this might seem to be a regular incident in any college, but Akshay had absolutely no motive or benefit in helping Amey. He could have in fact cut down the competition in a highly competitive scenario by making sure that Amey’s presentation was not up to the mark. However, he not only helped Amey but even supported and helped him prepare for the presentation.

The bottom-line is, friendship and goodness do exist and no matter how much every one says that the only way to move up is to bring the other person down, helping someone in time of need and not bothering about petty things like competition, is a test of real character and friendship.

Posted by: Arpan Omray, Student @ SP Jain, Singapore arpan.omray6@gmail.com

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