Anyone can be a leader – if you choose to be one!

Firstly, upfront let us state that leadership is not a position; it is action! You can be a leader if you choose to be one!

What does it mean to lead? 

Leadership is the ability to understand the bigger picture, collaborate, influence, share and bring the best of self & others to achieve the goal.

To perform the above action, one need not have a position as a prerequisite. Therefore, we say that anyone who can perform this action can be a leader. Of course, if one is offered a position, it may facilitate the leadership action better. However, leadership is not contingent upon a title or position.

be a leaderAnyone can become; but a few become

While anyone can be a leader, only a few will actually end up demonstrating leadership. Why?

While I have the opportunity to lead, I may not have the desire to lead. Unless I choose to lead, you cannot expect leadership from me!

What drives such a choice to lead? 

It is rather a complex question. You may expect some returns and therefore you lead. Or you lead because you are driven by the purpose. Either ways, you need to have a reason to choose leadership. If it is intrinsic influence, then your energy to lead is likely to last longer despite hardships. 

Article By: Dr. Raj, 
CEO, HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 
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