Do leadership development programs work?

Annually so many millions are spent on leadership training; various learning initiatives are designed and rolled out hoping that leaders develop; do they really work? Can become leaders through such leadership development programs and learning initiatives?

Leadership program

Detailed research has been going on to measure the training effectiveness and to track the ROI from leadership development programs. While we may access the quantitative data, here is my take on this issue.


Participation in any learning event should be considered as a success if it has inspired people to do better and to aim higher. If a training program failed to do even this, it surely is a failure!


Another feature of successful development initiative is to encourage the participant to introspect; it must create a healthy disturbance in the minds, which will ignite a deeper thought about self and thereby trigger personal change.


Third benefit that one can expect from a successful leadership initiative is to encourage the participant to take initiative and try out a couple of ideas that might have emerged through the learning program.

If one is inspired, introspected and initiated through a development program, one can say that it is a success. After that the business results depend upon the sustained effort of the individual. Sustaining effort is dependent on the person’s motivation and other competencies or personality elements.

Article By:  Dr. Raj, 
HR Footprints Management Services Pvt.Ltd.

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