Five Derailers to Watch Out

Young professionals with good education, sharp intellect and job related competencies with abundant talent sometimes get derailed in early stage of their careers. They do set their careers on the success tracks initially. However, they fail to sustain the same.

The reason for their derailment is not their incompetence on the job; it is indeed their struggle to deal with several other factors around their lives. While there could be many, let us highlight five such derailers.


Distractions: The age at which career starts in life is so lively that there will be many happenings. The financial freedom that comes with the first job, a possibility of getting into a relationship at work place or outside, registering for higher education soon after joining a new job. All of them when not managed properly will derail career. The ‘timing’ of these events is therefore important!

Oscillating views:  Early career is a stage where one is testing one self. It takes time to realize what one’s own calling is and if the role offered is where he/she wants to pursue a long career. The oscillating mind will struggle to choose between various roles, different organizations and locations. If one fails to discipline the thought process, it can easily reflect at the workplace.

Conflicting Priorities: Another practical aspect is the struggle that one goes through to balance between work and life. There may be restrictions from parents, in-laws etc. However much one wishes to be independent, it is true that our eco system is very important in making us more effective at work place. It is therefore important to resolve the conflicts and take the concerned family members into confidence.

Emotional outbursts: Young professionals with high self-esteem at times struggle to cope with failures and criticism at work; it may prompt them to be more impulsive which may result into emotional outbursts. It is therefore essential to identify at least one senior person at work place who could offer you emotional strength during the times of crisis and help you regain your balance.

debt traps derailer

Debt traps: Another one of common derailers is to end up in debt trap and realizing it late. Though physically at the workplace, the anxious mind will always be engaged in handling the debt crisis. Result will be lack of focus and error prone performance. Learning to live within one’s means might be an age old suggestion, but that is still relevant!

Excerpts from the article – Five Derailers to Watch Out!
By: Dr.Raj, 
Published in HR Mirror, Hans India.
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