The temptation of assumptions


One fine morning, I was supposed to go for a meeting at 9:30 AM. I started from my place very early and reached exactly by 9:30, only to get terrified by knowing that I reached a wrong place!

That day I was late to the meeting by nearly 30 minutes and it was the most awkward moment when I entered the hall. This incident happened only because I assumed that I knew the venue and I took it for granted without confirming from anyone.

All of us, some day or the other face this moment. But what makes us assume things so easily? Is it because of the blind trust that we have on our conscious or we are just over confident? It may be for any reason, but assumptions can prove disastrous! How many times in our daily conversations do we come across the statement “I know what you mean”? We assume a lot of things everyday without confirming, even though we know that it may become disastrous if it is wrong!

I agree that making assumptions is very tempting. Whenever we get tempted to assume things, just think of the fact that it can lead us to an awkward situation. After all, “mistakes can not only be learned from our experiences. We can also learn them from others experiences!

Keep tracking this space to understand how to avoid assumptions.

Article by:  Divya Shalini. M
L&D Associate,
HR Footprints Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

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