Statements that can harm your image

statements that can harm your image

Have you realized how we adopt some ‘standard’ statements as a part of our day-to-day communication at workplace? Try and notice how such frequently used statements build and project your personality at workplace. Do you believe that such projection can have positive as well as negative impact on your image in the eyes of those who work with you? However, the specific individual may not know that these statements are frequently occurring in his or her workplace vocabulary. These statements can harm your image.

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the negative sounding statements and their implications at workplace. One can read through and reflect if you have any of these as a part of your daily conversations. 

Once you are aware of what you wish to avoid, you can work out a conscious plan to avoid the same.

Before we enlist those statements, it is important to note that these sentences per sec are not negative; they need not be banned. What we are referring here is to the excessive and improper usage of these commonly used statements that can harm your image.

It is not possible; it can’t be done:

For some, this statement is at the tip of their tongue. It surfaces during the meetings internally or with the clients; the moment something is asked of such people, the instinctive reply will be “not possible”.

One must note that others ask for help because they need it or it is of some value to them. How better it would be if one spends more time understanding what others want and striving towards making it happen? In the process, one can use all the functional or domain expertise to come with ideas of making it work. After a sincere attempt, it may be OK if one were to go back and announce that it is not possible.

Be mindful of your language. 
Let your spoken and written word communicate a positive and can-do attitude
That doesn’t work here:

During the discussions with colleagues or team members, one gets to hear many ideas.

In such situations, for some, the programmed response is “Oh, it doesn’t work here”.

Such sharp responses will not only create negativity in the meeting atmosphere but also create relationship issues.

Instead, how would it be if you acknowledge idea and seek clarity if needed? Your conversation will help in sharpening the idea and also encourages the other person.

There is a problem:

Often we come across people who approach seniors or bosses and say, “We have a problem”. The tone will be such that “I have informed you of the problem and my job is over”.

Imagine how you would be perceived among all your colleagues or bosses if you keep highlighting problems on a daily basis. Instead, it will be a more professional and positive approach if you were to go with possible solutions. Of course, in case you have run out of ideas to solve the problems, you can always ask of help. The question is: what do you do more often? Highlighting problems or coming up with solutions as well?

He has attitudinal issue:

When someone asks why you could not get some work done from others, the often-heard statement is: “he doesn’t cooperate; he has some attitudinal problem”.

If you are stating this several times, do you think the problem is in others or in your attitude? How come so many people do not behave or cooperate with you properly? It sounds easy to place the blame on others; but in the process, one could damage self-image seriously! Watch out! I don’t know; I can’t do this: Some may think it is safe to be ignorant. It may work occasionally. When you wanted to escape or avoid taking some responsibility, you may say, “I have not done this before; so, I can’t do this”.

What happens if you adopt ‘ignorance is bliss’ kind of philosophy? It will surely slow down your growth and people will not approach you for anything new. It is therefore important to realize that “I don’t know” attitude can offer some safe zone for some time, but in the long run it is sinking sand! Be honest; reflect on your daily conversations; spot if you are using any of these sentences too often; be mindful of your language; let your spoken and written word communicate a positive and can-do attitude! Do not let these statements harm your image.

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