HR Lessons From Recent Political Happenings

HR from Politics

In our previous blogs, we have been discussing about the HR lessons from recent political happenings. Today let us look at some more interesting pointers.

Collaborate with your adversaries:
collaborate with your adversaries

When you are faced with humongous task of nation building, it is important for a leader to shed the prejudices and take initiative to build relationships even with those who are considered as adversaries. By inviting the neighboring leaders and shaking hands with them, our prime minister sent out a clear message that the present times call for collaboration more than confrontation.

Collaboration even in organizations does not flourish unless someone takes the first step to build rapport and look ahead to a better future together. If leaders wish to see collaboration and cooperation within the teams, they need to demonstrate it through their behavior. They need to rise above the personal differences and align at a cause that serves the larger good.

Delicate balance between independence and control:
independence vs control

The way the Union ministries are being structured serves a good case study for organizational design which is a key function of HR professionals. It is clear that the leader wanted to exercise greater oversight on all the ministries functioning, while at the same time allowing them to function swiftly. The result is a ministerial formation along with clearly defined norms on the do’s and don’ts. Another purpose being achieved in this process of organizational design is the attempt to define accountabilities and to put in a mechanism to resolve functional conflicts that can hamper performance.

Also, it is made very clear that organizational hierarchy should not impede organizational communication. This is seen in the way doors are kept open for any bureaucrat to communicate with the prime minister. Some may say that this will lower the significance of ministers. Then what do we say about CEOs in organizations who encourage open door policy and invite anyone to send a mail to share a concern or an idea?

By no means, the above pointers are exhaustive or definitive. It is only meant to highlight the potential leadership and HR lessons from the political happenings around us.

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