Reinsurance Accountant- A successful closure in UAE

In this Case Study we present the UAE client with whom we are associated and worked for more than 4+years in providing our recruitment services

Introduction to the Company:

Our Client is Abu Dhabi based leading Insurance Company.

Our Recruitment Process:

Recruitment goes beyond simply filling positions; it’s a comprehensive process aimed at placing exceptional candidates that benefit both the candidate and the client.

“We measure our success through our clients success is our belief”.

Upon receiving a position from the client, we strategize to meet their stipulated time frame, utilizing our tools, network, and time efficiently.
Using job boards and portals, we cold-call candidates to gauge their interest, explain the roles, and highlight the company’s benefits. We confirm their details via email, ensuring accuracy. Confirmed profiles are then shared with the client, who shortlists candidates for interviews. We coordinate with the client to schedule interviews, providing guidance to candidates on presentations and conduct mock interviews to boost their confidence.
After multiple rounds of interviews, the client finalizes and selects a candidate. This meticulous process ensures that the chosen candidate is a suitable match.

We inform the candidate on his/her selection and share their required documents to speed up and faster the process on our client’s behalf. By doing this we work for quick turnaround time(TAT).


One such case is one of our candidates who was selected for the position of Reinsurance Accountant, priory the position was for work from home – India,

Later, was considered to be working from the client location – Abu Dhabi, We communicated it very transparently the sudden change of work location, which was quite challenging and explained to him understand the Client benefits and how it would align with his career goals, expanding his key skills on a larger scale, then on candidate interest. He agreed to move to UAE and work onshore.

In addition, He was offered an attractive compensation package along with supplementary benefits.

The client and candidate were satisfied with the complete interview closure process and the candidate was happy on working at a very established organisation.


The takeaways you can get from the case study that we present is based completely on transparent communication, quick TAT, keeping the candidate and client engaged during the process, and updating the parties on any changes/updates, which makes them trust us (HR Footprints).

Our guiding philosophy is S.E.V.A – Simplicity, Excellence, Value Addition, and Association. We strongly believe in our working principles filling up the candidates once again which validates our principles.

If you’re seeking specialized recruitment solutions to ensure your roles are filled with top-tier talent, look no further.

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