Nurturing Leadership Excellence: A Case Study on Self and Peer Feedback Survey


HR Footprints recently undertook a transformative project with a prominent farming company based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company sought our expertise to conduct a Self and Peer Feedback Survey aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of the organization’s senior leadership team.

The company faced the challenge of providing feedback and guidance to senior leaders who operate as peers rather than hierarchical superiors, which required a nuanced approach. Our Self & Peer feedback approach addressed this and allows individuals to receive input from a wider range of sources, including colleagues, subordinates, and customers. This diversity provides a more accurate view of one’s strengths and areas for improvement. The process is confidential, ensuring honest feedback, and leads to better self-understanding and a clear path for personal development.

Project Plan & Execution:

HR Footprints meticulously crafted a project plan to address the objectives within a tight 15-day timeline. We collaborated with them and prepared a comprehensive questionnaire, ensuring it captured nuanced feedback relevant to their context. Participant and respondent details were meticulously organized to facilitate a smooth survey process.

Clear and concise communication was key in the execution. HR Footprints facilitated seamless communication between participants and respondents, ensuring everyone understood the purpose and process. A user-friendly portal with an intuitive interface was developed, allowing stakeholders to track their progress with completion percentages and pending tasks. Moreover, the portal enabled participants to complete the appraisal in parts, providing flexibility in the assessment process.


The portal’s features empowered stakeholders to engage with the survey effectively, monitor their progress, and manage their time efficiently. Timely follow-ups ensured maximum participation, leading to a comprehensive dataset. Upon closure of the survey, HR Footprints provided individualized reports with detailed insights presented through visually appealing graphs and dimension-wise scoring.


Our approach produced meaningful outcomes for the senior leaders. By gathering feedback from various sources, they gained a better understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement. This led to increased self-awareness and clearer development goals. The confidential process ensured honest feedback, fostering trust within the team.


As this transformative journey concludes, the partnership between HR Footprints and the farming enterprise underscores the profound impact of strategic HR interventions. Through meticulous planning, structured feedback, and data-driven insights, leaders were better equipped to create personalized development plans and enhance their contributions to the organization.

Are you ready to elevate leadership within your organization through effective self and peer feedback? Contact us today to learn how our expertise can guide your leadership team towards excellence.

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