Trust and Relationships

Continuing the thought about trust, can we reflect how much importance trust carries in our relationships? Can we also think of those relationships that have void of trust?

When you have someone that you can trust

Most often quoted example of trust in relationship is that of a baby thrown in the air playfully by the parent; instead of fearing, the baby giggles and bursts into laughter! That is primarily because the baby doesn’t have any doubt your intention other than being playful. Where there is trust, such relationship becomes effortless bonding! You tend to be yourself without suspecting any ulterior motives to the other person. When you trust the other person, you open up, share, confess, listen, seek and converse unconditionally. There is an inner security and reassurance that you experience.

On the other hand, when you cannot trust someone in a relationship, imagine how suffocating it would be! You will lose sleep; feel anxious; your communication will be selective and guarded! How does it feel?

When you are trusted

When others seem to trust you, you feel respected; you feel valued; and if you are mature, others trust will make you more responsible. Exactly the contrary will be the feeling when you are not trusted!

trust matrix

More intriguing will be the four scenarios that capture the element of TRUST in relationships. Think about the implications of each quadrant; and more importantly, map out your relationships in these four quadrants. I am sure it does provide greater insight!

Written by

Dr. Rajkumar, CEO, HR Footprints.


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