What do job seekers look for in their prospective workplace?

job seekers

The market today is changing. There was once a time that the market was driven by employers and job givers but the tables seem to have turned now. The job seekers drive the market and like all employers would have, they too come up with their list of prerequisites and expectations before they take up offers.

So if you want to be the best employer brand/ the choice of the best talent, here is a list of few things that most of the employees look for in their next employer.

Role & Role Clarity: 

The most important factor that makes a job seeker interested in the helm of things. While most organizations have clarity to the role, they need to translate the same to the job seeker to ensure both the parties are on same page.

Brand/ Reputation:

Brand is what attracts most employees. The few things that matter are- the reputation of the organization in the market, how long has it been in the market & how established it is, the organization’s industry (to understand how that industry is currently doing in the market), strength of the employees, the geographical market presence, the annual turnover(to understand about the company’s growth),job security, employee reviews.

Compensation & Benefits:

Money is one of the biggest motivator and the reason for most switches. But along with that, people are also focusing on the benefits given. Few things that job seekers consider here are: reward & recognition attached to the role like awards, incentives, bonus, stock options, retention pay, insurance plan, wellness programs and so on.

Scope of growth:

The fresh talent wants variation & exposure. Along with the growth in the current role, is there is any scope for onsite opportunities or cross functional opportunities is another point that they consider. Opportunities for career progression and long term growth factor in here.


An engaged employee is a high performing employee. Hence most of the job seekers expect the organization to have specific engagement plans to foster conducive work environment

Work life balance:

Flexibility is now a prerequisite. Is there flexibility in working hours and is there a work from home facility? Is local commutation available? These are some of the things the new age employee looks for in an organization.


This refers to the freedom that the organization gives in terms of every day working and decision making. Autonomy provides a sense of empowerment to employees, which is much valued.

Learning & Development

The opportunity for further self-development is another motivating factor. Nobody wants stagnation and hence internal training and development can be a great booster.

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