6 Steps to Make Your Learning Resolutions Work

Happy New Year Folks.

Hope you receive in abundance from the universe and reciprocate the same.

First of all, congratulation to you for wanting to start this year on a positive note. Whatever your resolution may be either to keep up your reading habits, lose weight, cook more often, enroll for a course or just be active in the social cause – having the intention and purpose to do is the first step.

Research says that 80% of the people who set resolutions/ goals tend to off track by the end of the first 2 months the reasons could be many but fundamentally the desire to “doing it” or “keeping up with it” fades. So, here I present the 6 steps to join the 20-percentile club on Making this 2021 count for you.

Start off with a 30-Day Challenge:

Yeah, it sounds cool right. Translate your resolution into action with 30 days 30 tasks to keep you motivated and learn something new.

Ideas that could be of help are:

  • A visual calendar on your cupboard or your working table
  • Daily Journaling book to record your task for the day and experience on completing it
  • Self-talk about the day’s task at the start of the day and gratitude talk before going to bed.

Use Apps to your Advantage

Harness the power of smartphones for good. They can make you a lot more productive and engaging if you use them to your stride. Download the app either to set reminders, read more about your resolution, or just collecting your thoughts and experiences to translate into meaningful work for others to read in the future. A line of caution – don’t go overboard.

Track, Review and Reward your milestone

We often get lost with what we are doing…it’s always good to connect the dots back. In the process of constantly reviewing your resolutions, you will discover how many bite-sized milestones you have achieved. Yeah, your body, the mind needs Serotonin to constantly keep you on track. It’s important to keep your spirits up and celebrate your accomplishments when working towards a goal. 

Keep it Vocal

You heard it right… talk about your resolutions to your family, friends, colleagues anyone in your comfort zone – what does it do – wonders to reinforce your ownership and accountability. Share your goal — and why it’s important to you can make a whole lot of difference. You will soon start to see how this positive outlook is rubbing on others and the new image that you start to develop.

Be forgiving of Yourself

There will be off days. Sometimes, life gets in the way and you miss your routine. Never Mind but what you shouldn’t do is lose hope. It’s important to remember that occasional break/ day-offs don’t make your goals out of reach.

Jump back to routine with the same dedication and focus on your tasks.  

This brings us to the final and the most important step

Never Ever Give Up

This is your year and your resolution. You have made your mind, given your time, energy, thought, and overcome some of your apprehensions, fear, challenges – yeah, you’ve got this… keep it going.

In-case you wish to learn and develop your Behavioural Skills this year do write to us… We have a whole lot of programs that you could take… Will be happy to speak to you.

Your Adventure has just begun… Get…Set… Go

Our Best Wishes to You.

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