Reflecting on our August Experiences @LQube, HR Footprints

As people associated with behavioral and leadership training domain, no two days are the same for us. Thanks for the kind of work we do; we never feel any monotony at work. The work is forever new as projects keep on changing; there is excitement and challenges that we need to overcome on a daily basis. In this blog, we reflect on LQube‘s August experiences.

As usual we have a few scheduled trainings to be delivered in a month, a few assignments around online, digital content creation and not to forget designing the interventions and program details. So for us the plate is always full, reading extensively is something that comes as prerequisite for anyone associated with our domain, be it interesting HBR blogs or articles, our own extensive database repository or relevant books and theories related to leadership and skill development. All in all, the month is full of excitement. While we deliver what is scheduled, we also experience and learn how to deal with complex issues, last minute cancellations from client and then reaffirming the bond ensuring a positive relationship is maintained even if there are last minute hiccups.

This month we had two major trainings lined up.

The first was a session with one of the UK IT giants in their Hyderabad facility on “Presentation Skills” and “Communication Skills” to a batch of young graduates who have just stepped into the corporate world.

Because the target audience was a young bunch we ensured the program had loads of activities, energetic and enthusiastic ambience which would ensure the foundation stones of their corporate life are set well. The session was facilitated by a renowned trainer who has more than 15+ years of experience in training and developing people. By the closing time of the session, we were happy to see the happy faces moving out of the classroom with much more confidence and energy. The most rewarding part is the realization that so many youngsters benefitted from the training. And guess what; we ended the session with a high energy dance performance. 

Another interesting program is our First Time Manager intervention to a batch of managers for a software products and professional services company.

Each of the modules has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the pressing needs of the organization and coupling it with our real time experience with such managers. Significant amount of improvement and renewed energy is visible from the first module to the next one.  The smile with which we are greeted towards the closing of the session is always the cherry on the cake, because we know we created an impact..!! 

And, how do I know all of this? Off course, I am a part of these sessions. But not only that, we have something very interesting that is a ritual towards the end of the session, which we call the gratitude time, feedback time. 

We have simple cards, which are placed in the training room and we ask the participants to share their experiences throughout the day. If they have a suggestion we incorporate it next time, and if we receive an appreciation, then the normal card becomes the Happiness Card…!! Yes, you heard it right; we celebrate our efforts in form of happiness cards from our participants. And must I tell you, like always, I have received loads of happiness cards this month too. So what next now..?? Well looking ahead to another high adrenaline rush month, new programs, amazing experiences, and many more happiness cards…!!

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