Does your performance matter to you?

Organizations and leaders focus so much on performance. They design systems; they organize workshops; give reviews; offer feedback, incentives or disincentives. So much to drive performance because it matters to the organization and business!

Key question, however, is: does it matter to the individual?

What happens if I perform well? I may be appreciated; rewarded, promoted; trusted; assigned bigger responsibility and so on. Are all these things important to me? What if I am not chasing any of them? What if I wish to have a ‘good time’, do the minimal stuff, have so-called ‘work-life balance’ and do what is convenient to me? I may not be craving for ‘super star’ rating, I may not need the big reward (if it calls for too much performance), and I have no aspiration to grow! If I come with such frame of mind, then certainly my performance doesn’t matter to me. My reason to continue with the organization could be something else.

Are the organizations happy with such people? Certainly not!

Do they continue with such people? Perhaps yes, if the skill set is rather rare and in the limited time and effort that one exerts, the individual may be still adding value, which is critical to the organization. In true sense, organizations may ‘put up’ with such people because of no alternative.

Who can afford to have such mindset towards their own performance?

Frankly, such mindset is not appreciated by any manager in any organization. It doesn’t help the individual if one wishes to grow in career. For a brief period, you may afford such mindset if you bring in some cutting-edge contribution, which compels the organization to bear with your idiosyncrasies. In every other case, your performance must matter to you. It offers a sense of achievement and professional satisfaction. This will also boost your inner confidence, which is a big intangible takeaway! It enhances your professional image in a very positive way.

So, be proactively conscious and critical of your own performance – even before others ask you!

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