How HR is using Social Media

“If you are a potential candidate seeking employment, your profile may be verified on the social media. HR people can check your online activity and attempt to understand your personality.”

In the last post we discussed on how businesses use Social Media! Moving forward, let’s find out how HR folks are using it and what is in it for you!  

How are HR folks using the Social Media?

HR folks are not far behind in using social mediums. In some specific areas, we find HR department heavily using it.

hiring on social media

For recruitment:

I would rate hiring as the top most use of social media for the HR professionals. You open LinkedIn; you will be inundated with job postings. Recruiters find these mediums as a rich source to spot potential employees. They may be posting the openings and invite the interested candidates; or they may proactively track sometalented professionals and engage in headhunting.

For profile verification or reference check:

If you are a potential candidate seeking employment, beware; your social profile may be verified. They can check your online activity and attempt to understand your personality. In addition, the recruiters may also reach out to some of your friends in your social media groups to carry out a reference check.

Employer Branding:

employer brandingIn these times where talented people are in great demand, organizations need to build their brand among the potential candidates. Social mediums are a powerful channel to share about company culture, project their leaders, and create interest for potential employment. For this reason, you find the photos, events and updates being posted on many company social media pages.

What is in it for you?

When you understand how organisations and HR departments use social media, it clearly offers some leads for you to use it smartly! More than a casual presence on the several available mediums and platforms, if you can use it in a more planned way, there are benefits to reap. In addition, one needs to exercise some caution to prevent negative online reputation.

Watch out this space for more personal tips on appropriate use of social media!

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