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HR Footprints has successfully executed yet another BOT (Build – Operate – Transfer) assignment for a medium sized organization in India. This organization is headquartered in Europe and is having global presence including India. What started as a 6-month assignment continued for about 2 years with intense engagement in strengthening the HR system.

Why did the organization decide to in-source HR expertise?

This is an important question. Did they not have any HR expertise? What triggered the need to in-source? What benefits did they expect with this in-sourcing?

The organization has been running the operations and managing the basic people matters with the available internal knowledge. With the emerging clarity on the future growth plans, the top leadership identified the people imperative and that is when they decided to quickly initiate a special thrust on HR. They wanted more transparency, professional management of people processes, communicating the performance expectations and bringing in more competency-based people decisions. All this meant a humungous transformation.

The existing HR team was fully occupied with many operational aspects, and the organization needed a quick take-off on the bigger agenda. The leadership felt that in-sourcing HR expertise is a quicker way, instead of building an entire HR team internally. HR Footprints fitted their need with its ready-to-deploy knowledge base and long years of experience in organizational transformation.

When HR Footprints team stepped in, the first action was to take stock of what was existing and what needs to be created. It was then we realized the agenda required more than 6-months engagement. With carefully crafted transition strategy, HR Footprints team rolled out key initiatives over the two year engagement. With this quick ramp up, now the organization is happy to get an HR leader to sustain and enhance these efforts. HR Footprints team happily facilitated the transfer of knowledge and will continue to be available for any hand-holding on a need basis.

That is how HR Footprints team added another success story to its track record.

Our Mantra:

When you in-source HR expertise, you do not ‘outsource’ the activity. It is different. It brings in agility, expertise and professionalism to the change process. Structured transformation and more importantly making it sustainable has been our mantra at HR Footprints!

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