Knowing – Saying – Doing Gap

Our leadership workshops are uniquely designed to help reduce the knowing – saying – doing gap. Because of this, many a time we receive feedback that our workshops were thought-provoking, eye-opening, and reflective. In this short article, we explain this process in some detail.

The Knowing – Saying – Doing Gap refers to the disconnect between what individuals know, what they say, and what they actually do. It highlights the disparity between knowledge, intentions, and actions.

In many of our workshops, participants may possess knowledge and are aware of what needs to be done; but they may struggle to put that knowledge into practice. Through our ‘mirroring’ process, we build this awareness around this gap.

For example, someone may know the importance of exercising regularly for their health (Knowing), they may express their intention to start a workout routine (Saying), but they may struggle to actually follow through and consistently engage in physical activity (Doing). In the context of leadership, many know and say that leading from the front and being a role model is essential; but they often miss turning up on time or sticking to their timely commitments. It adversely affects the professional standing of the individual.

This gap can occur due to various factors such as lack of motivation, external constraints, or conflicting priorities. Bridging the Knowing – Saying – Doing Gap requires a combination of self-awareness, motivation, and effective strategies. It involves aligning one’s intentions with their actions and finding ways to overcome barriers that hinder the translation of knowledge into behavior.

Our workshop methodology focuses exactly on bridging the gap while ensuring ample privacy for self reflection. The result is usually a participant who is more self aware and who takes greater ownership for personal growth. Since the change is triggered from within, it is owned and more sustainable.

Ready to bridge the Knowing-Saying-Doing Gap in your organization? Contact us today to explore how our HR services can help align knowledge, communication, and action to drive meaningful change and success.

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