Why Team Work?

Team Management

There is no single organization that does not like to see excellent team working and there is no single leader who does not strive to create spirited teams. Why is it so? What are the specific benefits that accrue from team work? What are the expected characteristics of high performing teams? And how practical is it to create spirited teams? Let us start with the most basic question.

Why Team Work? 
team work

To understand why everyone aspires to have spirited teams, we must take a fundamental look at how work is organized. In any organization, the ultimate result is achieved with efforts across various entities of the organization. Though each entity specializes in some aspect, there is an intrinsic dependency build in the way work is structured and executed.

Take for example how pizza gets delivered at your doorstep. Firstly, you may check the menu on the internet; then you dial to place the order; the order internally gets communicated to the kitchen; by then kitchen would have procured and stored all the ingredients; based on your order, the kitchen makes pizza which will then be delivered by the delivery boy at your home. How many people are involved in delivering one pizza to you? If any of them does not coordinate them with others, do you think you will get the pizza delivered as per the requirement?

The above example establishes why leaders and organizations put emphasize on teamwork; it is essentially because work has an intrinsic inter-dependency built and it needs to be managed seamlessly in order to serve the final customer well.

In our next blog, we will discuss about different characteristics which make a High Performing Team.

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