Behavioral Training for Managers/ Supervisors is not an option but the need of the hour -Part 1

Did you know that the most important transition in business is the move from an employee to a managerial role and research says that most managers feel they need management training when they become “first time managers”.

Hello and Hi to all the readers…  our blog today is to present the positive outlook of how a well planned and executed Managerial/ Supervisory Development Program can have a lasting impact on the organization – such as employee morale and motivation – leading to increased retention of the workforce, culture building, increased top-line revenue and corporate branding.

So why wait read further as I share the top 5 key aspects

  1. Importance of Behavioural Training than never Before
  2. Do Managers/ Supervisors need Soft Skills Training?
  3. ROI of such an Initiative
  4. How to drive and Implement focused initiatives in the organization
  5. List of essential programs for this band

Importance of Behavioural Training than never before:

Imagine a scenario when John is promoted as a supervisor in the purchase department and he needs to resume this new role from tomorrow onwards… In front of him are the new responsibilities, newer challenges, different ways of looking at the businesses, newer relationships with former peers, now managerial colleagues, and newer management mandate…. undoubtedly in scenarios like this that we tend to go through often, it comes as no surprise that managers need the training to deal with softer yet important aspects beyond one’s technical expertise such as professional development, team management, conflict resolution, decision making, and networking as most managers are unprepared for the role of management.

New managers such as John look out for support from the management to carve out focused initiatives to groom them as they are set to achieve results that the companies require.

A survey results highlight that 75% of employee turnover is preventable (through the direct supervisor). And 78% of employers are worried about a talent shortage but do not take actions, like training supervisors, to prevent turnover

Soft Skills Training for Supervisors:

As I said at the beginning of my blog that Soft skills are not optional, they are underrated and assumed that the supervisor role is all about technical expertise. Let’s decode at the first place what should the supervisor do…. The first and foremost objective is “To manage a group of team members and get the best out of them”. Carefully underline the words – manage, team, best out of them – I would leave to your judgment as to how much of his/ her role is behavioral vs technical.

Retaining, motivating, emotional commitment, trust, engagement at the shopfloor are visible and direct fallouts of the relationships that employees have with their immediate supervisor. Thus, emphasizing the shifting role from managing work to leading people to deliver results.  Soft skills are no denial.

Hope this blog has made you think about why behavioral training is soo important. Keep thinking about it. We will discuss our other thoughts in the subsequent blog. Stay tuned!

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