Behavioral Training for Managers/ Supervisors is not an option but the need of the hour- Part 2

Continuing to the first part of the blog, let us discuss the next three key aspects.

ROI of such an Initiative

Often companies complain of talent shortage, lack of skilled resources, cost of selecting – hiring, and onboarding a resource. All this can be significantly saved if you train the resource for the right skill set.

Overtime we heard the mishaps of a poor supervisor and its significant loss on business, customers and employee morale. Training managers and supervisors increases engagement at the bottom of the pyramid and increased engaged workforce helps drive better productivity.

How to drive and Implement focused initiatives in the organization

Based on my experience of working with several clients… I put together the following 4 steps framework which will help you in swiftly implementing without loosing control on both the ends.

  1. A clear internal project plan – What is the desired intervention, purpose, timelines, buy-in from the top management, sensitizing the end-users, etc.
  2. Evaluating a reliable and committed training agency – Zero in on reliable partner who works for hand in hand and has a good track record in delivering quality content. A one who can relate to your business and its purpose. Be sure the material is backed up by research and a solid instructional design that ensures knowledge transfer.
  3. Pace the Initiative – Spread the initiative across few months (not beyond 5/6 months) and provide training in manageable units. The modular type of format is easy for the participants to learn and add value on the floor.
  4. Post-training engagement – the most important of all the steps – have engagement and reflection sessions organized from time to time to keep the learning actions rolling.

On the note, these may sound easy-going but holding all the nodes intact will produce a beautiful tune to echo around.

List of essential training programs

By now you would have started to jot down the training programs relevant for John. But here is my recommendation for managerial/ supervisory level relevant for most types of industries and the nature of work they do

  1. Advanced Communication/ Interpersonal Skills   
  2. Business Etiquettes and Presentation skills
  3. The Art of Managing Team
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Problem Solving and Decision Making

By now I am sure your all with me on counting the numerous benefits organizations can reap in training the resource at the right juncture to get the kind of results that they envisage… and if companies still feel anyone can just be thrown into the management role without preparation and perform it well, they’ll are likely to be doomed to get the kind of results.

Best wishes from Us.

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