Promote leaders with right competence. But how?

Every role requires certain competencies to deliver excellent performance. With success at one role, every true professional wishes to get promoted, grow in the hierarchy and shoulder bigger responsibilities. While it is a usual human aspiration, it is important note that success at one level will not guarantee success at the higher level because at the next level one would require different competencies or higher proficiency. It is like the popular investor statement that reads as “past performance does not indicate future returns of the fund”. Therefore, organizations need to ensure that with people right competencies will get elevated to higher levels.

The next logical question is: how should organizations decide who to promote?

Potential assessment is the mantra. One of the many ways of assessing someone’s future potential is to use assessment or development centers. Through a series of simulated exercises, a panel of trained assessors arrive at a rating of the competencies. This process has been widely used across the globe and found to be extremely useful in decision making as well as helping leaders development.

Assessment/Development center as a concept has been in vogue for a very long time. It is a very elaborate process which requires a team of competency experts, trained assessors, a tightly designed execution infrastructure including online portal along with report writing expertise. Over the years, HR Footprints has built this all round eco-system to design and conduct assessment centers.

Over the years, HR Footprints successfully conducted about 2000 leadership assessments, delivered comprehensive reports, offered feedback and traveled the development journey with the leaders. Stay tuned to read about some more case studies!

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