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executive search

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service used to source candidates for Senior and Top Management Positions by tapping passive candidates.

In our previous blog, we have explained about the difference between Recruitment and Executive search.

This blog will help you understand the steps involved in Executive Search process.

Research about client Organization:

While getting into an Executive Search assignment with a client, as a first step you need to research about the organization. You need to understand their Products and Services, history, Business Milestones and news available in public domain and get as much information as possible.

Client Meeting:

The aim is to understand client organization culture, Leadership style, Specific role requirements, Growth plans of the organization to identify the right fit for the role.

Market analysis and Preparation of Job Description:

The executive search firm will do a deep analysis of the market and create a compelling job description. The description captures client organization’s expectations to attract right talent. This process generally includes result in a document that will be used as a reference throughout the search process. The job description will contain detailed information about the role, responsibilities, the hiring client, key opportunities, career growth and educational requirements.

Search strategy:  

This stage will include a deeper analysis of the market and listing key companies to tap potential candidates. The research tools that form part of the search strategy will often include own database, previously conducted market analysis, alternative internet sources such as social networks, and of course, search firms own network and contacts.

Candidate Identification:

Among the identified list of companies, executive search firm will list the potential candidates and shortlist them. This done by mapping them to the required skill sets.

Dialogue with the candidate and Shortlist:

As most of the identified candidates are passive candidates, search firm will open a career dialogue with the candidates and start selling the client organization by show casing the growth plans of the organisation and create interest about the opportunity and understand the candidate skills in detail. The shortlist is then made based on the skill sets.

Basic Reference Check and Presenting to client:

Before presenting the profiles to client, a basic reference check is done on the candidate’s background and capabilities. The search firm then presents the final shortlists to the client organization.

Interview & Offer Process:

Once the client shortlists the profile, search firm facilitates the entire interview process. It act as a Search Partner and provides necessary support during the offer process. It also ensures that the candidate accepts the offer.

Joining & Orientation:

Finally the search firm will provide support for the selected candidate introduction. After search has been successfully completed, the search firm will continue to maintain close relation with the client and candidate. This will ensure long term association.

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