Communication Skills

5 Myths of Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. It is never too late to work on one’s communication skills and by doing so, one may find how the quality of life can improve tremendously! Just as we embark upon the journey of communication excellence, it is important that we …

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Reflecting on our August Experiences @LQube, HR Footprints

As people associated with behavioral and leadership training domain, no two days are the same for us. Thanks for the kind of work we do; we never feel any monotony at work. The work is forever new as projects keep on changing; there is excitement and challenges that we need to overcome on a daily …

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reasons for rejection

Understanding the reasons for rejection

In our previous blog, we understood three stages where an interviewee will face rejection. Let us understand the likely reasons for rejection at each of these stages. Reasons for rejecting the resume:  Your resume may not be meeting even the minimum specifications of the job requirement. These requirements are mostly seen as mandatory; any CV that …

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